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Selective Bibliography of Poetry Written by Veterans

Compiled by W. D. Ehrhart




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Demilitarized Zones: Veterans After Vietnam

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Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War.

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Mountain River: Vietnamese Poetry from the Wars. 

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Single-Author Volumes


The Moon Reflected Fire. 

Doug Anderson.  Alice James Books, 1994.


After Our War.

John Balaban.  University of Pittsburgh Press, 1974.


Locusts at the Edge of Summer: New & Selected Poems.

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Earth Songs: New & Selected Poems. 

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Returning  Fire. 

D. F. Brown. San Francisco State University, 1984.


Ghost of a Person Passing in Front of the Flag

D. F. Brown. Bloomsday, 2018.



Michael Casey.  Yale University Press, 1972.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

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Lost in America.

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Beautiful Wreckage: New & Selected Poems.

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The Long War Dead. 

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Dien Cai Dau. 

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War Story. 

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Caliban in Blue. 

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Lessons Learned. 

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Far from the Temple of Heaven.

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Song of Napalm. 

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