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The GI Press, 1964-1977

This collection contains over 88,000 page images with searchable text taken from more than 2,400 periodicals and other items such as pamphlets and posters created by or for US military personnel during the Vietnam War era. Many were produced underground by US soldiers or veterans who opposed the war, using mimeograph machines or other inexpensive technology. These materials document the Vietnam War through the words of young people caught up in it. It is intended to complement official records published by the US government and the civilian underground press of the time, both of which are readily available elsewhere.

GI Press Collection Wisconsin Historical Society



International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam


This collection contains newspapers, newsletters and press releases, issued in various countries 1969-1978. The most important items are some 650 various titles of periodicals of the GI Movement. Important titles are ACT - The RITA’s [Resisters Inside the Army] Newsletter (Paris) 1968-1970, The Bond (Berkeley-New York) 1967-1974 and Overseas weekly (Frankfurt am Main) 1969-1973. In addition, there is also a large group of about 150 periodical titles relating to anti-war activity and military service issues in various countries. Besides the periodicals there is also a considerable quantity of GI Press ephemera, arranged by organization and author.  There are also materials regarding individual deserters, their organizations and collective GI actions.

Collection of GI Press, Deserters and Protest During the Vietnam War



Directory of Archival and Manuscript Collections related to the Experience of the Vietnam War created by Lasalle University


This comprehensive archive includes four sections:


I. Vietnam War Veteran Writers

II. Prominent Vietnam War Writers

III. GI Resistance Writing and Small Press Archives

IV. Collections in the United States


The National Archives at College Park, Maryland

This official government archive includes complete military archives for each unit of the military, for all major incidents.


National Archives at College Park, Maryland


Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Extensive catalog of their holdings and others, including David Cortwright papers and photographic collections.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection


Tamiment Library, New York University

Extensive collection of archival materials from the GI movement and progressive movements.

The Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives


Pacific Northwest Antiwar and Radical History Project, University of Washington, Seattle

Includes a special section devoted to antiwar GI and veteran organizing at Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma, complete with a timeline, oral histories, and digitized copies of GI antiwar newspapers.


Antiwar and Radical History Project – Pacific Northwest


Sir! No Sir! GI Movement Archives

Materials that David Zeiger collected with assistance from William Short and James Lewis, in support of his film Sir! No Sir! about the Gi Movement.  They are divided into three categories.

  • Audio archives include recordings, by GI movement activists, that were originally broadcast on Radio Free People in 1969, a 7- minute tape, made by Jane Fonda in 1970, for GIs at Fort Bliss and selections of broadcasts made by Dave Rabbit/Radio First Termer in 1971.


  • The Galleries contain more than 1500 images, subdivided into three sections - Cartoons, GI Newspaper Covers and Photographs. The cartoons and photographs are organized according to subject matter and the GI Newspaper covers are organized by title of publication.
  • Libraries offer a wide variety of supporting materials (including articles published in the GI press, pamphlets, petitions and posters) for the events and activists featured in the film, as well as access to a large body of primary source materials placing the events featured in the film in the context of similar events that occurred between 1965 and 1973.


Sir! No Sir!  GI Movement Archives


The Sixties Project

Includes archival materials, books, articles and transcript of the Winter Soldier Investigation of 1971.

The Sixties Project


Vietnam Center, Archive, and Museum of the Vietnam War at Texas Tech University

The Vietnam Center and Archive has been collecting, preserving, and providing access to the history of the Vietnam War while encouraging research and education regarding all aspects of that experience. This collection includes:

  • Manuscript, Artifact, and Material Collections
  • Online Access through the Virtual Vietnam Archive
  • Participant Interviews for the Oral History Project
  • Conferences, Symposia, Events, and Study Abroad


Vietnam Center, Archive, and Museum of the Vietnam War at Texas Tech University.